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Top 10 SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Rankings 2022

SEO is an essential part of marketing. It helps improve the site’s visibility in search results. If your website doesn’t appear on the Search Engine Results Page’s first page, it is not doing anything right. This article can help you solve your problems.

Our top 10 SEO tips can help you make your website rank #1 in search engines and users so let’s get started.

1. Voice Search Optimization

The way people search online for information has changed significantly over the years. If you haven’t already, it is time to find out the current state of Google Voice Search Optimization .

In 2021, voice search will be used to search for queries. According to in the United States of America 55 percent of American households will have a smart speaker by 2022. If you want to optimize your voice search performance, the following steps should be followed:

  • Consider choosing wise keywords
  • Remember to make persona-based content
  • Because searchers often ask questions, they start their queries with words such as “When”, “What”, or “Who”.

Forbes claims that voice search dramatically improves the user experience. Voice search is becoming more popular and search engines like Google are now focusing on voice search optimization.

Google voice search displays websites that load quickly. You must ensure that you do not:

  • Your website is responsive
  • Images on websites are optimized
  • Long-tail keywords are always preferred
  • Site loading takes a minimum of time
  • The response time of your server is slow

2. Mobile Optimization

Your website’s user experience is a sign that your audience can find it easily. Ranking is greatly improved when a website is mobile-friendly.

SEMRush has confirmed that 73% of internet users will be able to access the internet via mobile devices by 2025.

Google’s mobile-friendly updates have made a big difference in the website rankings.

Google’s mobile-friendly test will help you determine how effective your mobile site is. You can also take a look at the report on “mobile usability” in the Google Search Console.

3. EAT Principles

Google has confirmed that content quality is an important factor in ranking on search engine results pages.

Google’s definition of quality is “quality”.

Simple explanations will tell you that content that meets the Google EAT principle will rank higher. EAT stands to authority, trustworthiness, and expertise. These elements are used to determine whether a website has high-quality content.

Google’s algorithms are used to provide the best results for users.

for example, Google Panda algorithm ranks websites based on the content quality. It removes websites with duplicate or low-quality content from the index.

Another example is the RankBrain algorithm. RankBrain employs AI to interpret the search queries of the audience on Google.

You will also get results for chocolate truffle cakes recipes if you search for chocolate cake recipe.

Google Panda and RankBrain send web crawlers to crawl websites. As a result, search engines show the best and most relevant search results content at the top of their result pages.

4. Featured Snippet

These results are displayed at the top of the page. Google automatically selects the best answer on a third-party site and displays it as the featured snippet.

Here’s how a featured snippet looks.

SEO Tips

Ahrefs states that “for a particular search query, nearly 99% of web page shown in the featuredsnippet already rank first on SERPs.”

These are some of the best ways to optimize featured short snippets:

  • Structure your content
  • You should ensure that the same question is answered in each article
  • Opt for eye-catching images
  • Create answers with tables
  • Use dedicated headings to answer questions such as “Is red meat healthful?”

Note: If you are looking to create snippets of content, consider creating questions-based questions that include the relevant keywords. You can also use the Google search option “People also ask” to get ideas.

5. Image Optimization

According SEMRush “image optimization will play an important role in the search.” If your images are not optimized, optimize them.

Use high-quality images and relevant images. Also, make sure to label your image files with a suitable title.

Images make it easier for spiders crawl your sitemap. Alt tags can also be used to help crawlers classify images quickly.

Notice: Alt-text displays the webpage if an image is not loading on a user’s screen.

Google uses alt-text for understanding context from images.

Optimized images can improve your website rank and increase user engagement. Image optimization can also help your website rank higher in search engines’ image carousels.

6. Semantically Related Keywords

Keywords that are semantically related to a word can be used to interpret it.

One example: For a keyword “chocolate cake”, some semantically related keywords might be chocolate truffle recipes or chocolate recipes.

Website ranking is more affected by semantic keywords. They are linked to the primary keywords, which helps in gaining relevant traffic from the Search Engine Results Page.

You can also check Google SERP for LSI keywords.

How to choose the best Semantic keywords

  • Optimize content with topic clusters, not keywords.
  • Choose structured data and select your semantic keywords.

Alternatively, you can use a comprehensive keywords tool.

7. Building Quality Links

If a marketer wants to concentrate on long-term SEO strategies that work, quality links must be built.

Google stated in 2016 that quality links were one of their top three ranking signals.

When building links to your content, always prioritize quality over quantity. These steps will help you build high-quality links to product pages and category pages in order to improve your search engine rankings.

Let me share some effective strategies that will dramatically increase the number links to your site.

  • Backlinks to authoritative and relevant web pages are possible
  • Promote your content on social media regularly
  • You can also opt for influencer marketing and guest blogging
  • Leverage social media platforms
  • Online forums allow you to reach your target audience.
  • Offer valuable content to attract your target audience

8. Local Search Listings

Local SEO is about optimizing websites that are found in SERPs within a particular area. Local SEO optimization drives more website traffic and converts, as it is more relevant for local audiences.

This is the best strategy to market your products to customers based in specific locations. These SEO tips can help you make your business standout.

Google states that local results are determined by relevance, distance and prominence. These factors allow Google to find the most relevant matches for your search. It is important to ensure that your NAP information is accurate and consistent.

SEMRush reveals that “Local Search Listings will Play a Larger Rolle in SEO Strategies.” If you want to rank your business in the local pack, visit Google My Business and create yours.

Google My Business requires strong backlink profiles.

9. User Experience

Another term for “improve user experience” is “Simplify navigation”. Site navigation is an important factor in your search engine ranking.

UX has been a key ranking factor for Google over the last few years.

The partnership of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX) is a good example. SEO focuses on search engines, while UX focuses more on site visitors. Both share the common goal of providing users with the best results.

Let’s share some tips on how to use UX design to increase a site’s SEO performance.

  • Make your site easier to navigate
  • Optimize UX Design to create SEO-friendly layouts.
  • Optimize your site load speed and opt for a mobile-responsive design. More than 50% traffic is driven by mobile searches. Poor user engagement will be a sign that your site is not mobile-responsive.
10. Using Schema Markup

Searchmetrics reports that 36.6% of search terms bring up at most one featured snippet derived from schema markingup.

Many marketers believe Schema markup offers a great opportunity to rank your website on the first page of SERP.

Schema markup refers to microdata that is added to a website in order to help Google return relevant search results. If you have used rich snippets you will know what schema markup looks like.

Schema markup, in simple terms, is widely used to define website content. Structured data can increase site ranking and visibility in search engine results pages (SERP).

Some of these schema markup examples can be found here

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Image thumbnail
  • Product availability
  • Site links

These were the SEO tips you need to know to rank higher in Google.


In this article, we highlighted the top 10 SEO tips to rank your website in search engines. After all, you can’t expect a small or medium sized company to rank for a keyword like “search engine optimization” which gets an average of 400,000 searches a month. You must start with something doable and grow from there.

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